Teeny Tiny Truman

This page is all about Truman, born Aug. 8, 2006 to Kara and Ben.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baptism & Trip to West Texas

Weight: 13.25 lbs (completely an estimate)
Actual Age: 11 months
Adjusted Age: 7 months


In the last month, Truman has enjoyed his first overnight visits to both grandparents and his first road trip. The 6-hour trip there was fine, but the trip back was another story. Let's just say that just about the time Mama and Daddy were going to give up and get a hotel room, Truman finally went to sleep. He's also had his first babysitting experience just this past weekend.

We enjoyed getting to show him off to all of his West Texas family and to our Church back in Lubbock for his baptism. He was a real trooper through all of the excitement and new people. I don't think he napped more than two hours in four days, so he was due for a meltdown on the ride home.

Here he is pulling Granmpa's hair with his Great Aunt Becky's help. Truman was a big hit in West Texas.

Here he is giving a big smile to his West Texas great-grandmothers. He's the first great-grandbaby for his Grammy, but one of many for his Great-Grandmom.

Here he is checking out the baptismal font with his grandpa following his baptism. Because Grandpa is a Presbyterian minister, he was able to perform the baptism in the same church where he performed our wedding.

We also let Truman have his first up-close interactions with other children while he was in Lubbock. He rolled right on top of the first baby girl we let him near and drooled on her head. I hope that isn't a sign of what's to come.

He continues to gain mobility through rolling and now scooting and inching around. You can put a toy a few feet from him, and he will ultimately get to it. He is also starting to pull his knees up some, but isn't making any true crawling motions. He also still isn't sitting on his own or making any real moves that directions. He does seem to be getting better at sitting while held, but I really think he will crawl before he sits. His OT is pleased about his scooting in circles. He continues to arch his back and try to move by that method. We try to stop it per the therapists' instructions, but he's one headstrong kid and has learned how to make this very bad developmental motion effective.

We had to hold off on solids for a couple of weeks after an allergic reaction -- we think to bananas. But we started again last week with oatmeal, which he didn't care for and showed by gagging over and over. This week we're trying English peas, which he hasn't made up his mind about yet. Next up is carrots.

He hit two other milestones in the oral department -- as of last week, he has two teeth on the bottom. (He had also gotten to where he only only got up once, if at all, over night. That has gone completely out the window with teething.) Also in the oral department, he said "ba" last week, which is the first consonant sound we've heard from him.

Just to round up the last few things, his hair is starting to thicken and he has learned to squeal in a very-highed voice whenever things are taken away from him or he gets put down when he doesn't want to be. This doesn't bode well for the toddler years, but if can't spoil your baby, who can you spoil?