Teeny Tiny Truman

This page is all about Truman, born Aug. 8, 2006 to Kara and Ben.

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Photos!


Truman is over his cold and headed to his first baseball game tonight.

Truman's new favorite trick is standing. He pushes up and gets very excited about it! Of course, he can't balance on his own, but he really can support his own weight.

Truman loves interlocking loops. Here, he's grinning about getting a handful. And, of course, there's drool.

Truman doesn't like to sit down much, but when we can get him in our laps without him standing, we take the opportunity to read to him.

Truman wasn't a big fan of his first adventure in the swimming pool, but he was awfully stylish. He will start swim lessons next month in a heated pool, so we hope that goes better.

He finally found his toes (with a little help, of course).

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Truman's First Post-NICU Illness


Three weeks out of isolation, and Truman got his first cold. It was mild one, and he is on the mend, but it definitely scared us when he woke up with a productive cough. Our first thought was his lungs, but the doctor assured us that it did not get down into his lungs. So, our first illness turned out to be pretty minor. I guess it was bound to happen sometime.

Of greater concern for me than the illness was the dramatic slowdown in growth. Instead of his usually 20 grams or so a day, Truman slowed down to a little less than 5 grams a day. Let's hope he picks it up over the next couple of weeks before his next appointment, or I think there will be some adjustment in his feeding regimen.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Out of Isolation

CURRENT WEIGHT: 11 LBS, 1.7 OUNCES (Last weighed: April 24)

Since being released from isolation at his April 24 doctor's appointment, Truman has been to the grocery store twice (not a great idea); to my office briefly; to our Sunday School class; the NICU reunion; and to his grandparents' house 80 miles away. His first road trip went well, and he got a chance to meet some cousins he has never met and see family who haven't seen him since his NICU days. Now that people are finally getting to meet him, I think people are surprised to see how healthy he looks. It's also funny to take him places and have people ask how old he is. We usually give the adjusted age, and we still get the "He's so tiny" comments. If they only knew .... And, of course, we make everyone "Purel" up to touch him, but it sure is hard to keep strangers from reaching out to touch.
His latest trick is that he likes to stand -- all the time. He pushes, not pulls, up, and is even able to support himself by holding onto his play gym, our fingers, or the couch. While it's an impressive skill at his size and adjusted age, Truman's OT wants us to discourage it because he doesn't show any desire to sit up. In fact, he doesn't like to bend his knees much. He can; he just won't. So, we are practicing sitting and pushing his knees up under him while he's on his belly--therapy exercises which he does not like at all. We are also trying to get him interested in his toes to encourage to sit, but as of yet, he doesn't appear to have realized they are attached to him. We are also increasing occupational therapy to every week because he's finally big enough and strong enough to make some real progress.
He's drooling all the time now and likes to put everything in his mouth, so teeth may be coming soon. That, or it's just an impressive social skill he's added to his repretoire. Exposure to new people has made it clear that he is very, very attached to his parents. He seems to need us within his sight to be happy with anyone else holding him other than his grandparents who has seen enough now to be familiar with.
Truman is also learning just what he needs to do to get picked up and how to fuss or squeal in just the right way to make Mama pick him up. This is different than the crying he did when was younger -- it seems he's figured out a way to pull Mama's strings. People may say we spoil him, but when are you going to baby your children if not when they are babies?
He had his first adventure in the pool this weekend. We even found a tiny cloth swim diaper for him and a floatie with a canopy to protect him super-fair skin from the sun. He wasn't a fan, but we'll keep trying every weekend until we get him more accustomed to it so that we can start swim lessons. With a pool in the backyard, I think you can't start too early on being comfortable and safe in the water.
The most glorious announcement of all is that we are the fourth night in a row of him sleeping about an 8-hour stretch. I feel more rested that I have since he was born. And, the colic appears to finally be ended. He has about 1 bad evening in four now rather than every evening, which is a very welcome relief.