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Friday, October 12, 2007

A few of my favorite things


My Favorite things:

10. Getting my two teeth brushed. (I like to help).

9. Trying to sneak up the stairs. (I got halfway up the other day before they caught me. I keep overhearing plans to block access, but there's an issue with the construction of our stairs and baby gates. I'm hoping they don't figure out how to solve it).

8. Banging things and banging on things, especially my parents' faces. (Daddy; my therapist, Beth; and I worked a lot on this one, and I'm starting to get better at playing with things rather just eating them).

7. Those cool flower-shaped Air Fresheners from Bath & Body Works (or at least they were until my parents took them out of the outlets).

6. The basket of magazines beside my mama's bathtub. (I like to rip the covers off and eat them).

5. Gerber Puffs and Organic crunching blocks. (I would live on them if they let me).

4. Seeing my mama right when she comes into my room when I'm hungry at night. (I really give her a big smile like I haven't seen her in a week).

3. Electrical Cords (particularly the big tangle under the computer desk).

2. Saying "Da." (Yes, I finally have a regular consonant sounds. Sometimes I say "ga" as well).**

And ...
1. Chasing my kitty, Flora (particularly when my mama shuts all three of us in the master bedroom hall where Flora can't hide).

** My hearing evaluation went OK. I failed in one ear, by my Daddy says that doctors think it was because I had a cold, and I like to squirm. We'll be scheduling the speech evaluation soon, but mama has a new job and new insurance, and that's slowing things down some.

My Least Favorite things:

1. Green Beans (You've seen the evidence).

2. Having to be still for diaper changes. (My parents actually use that cruel strap on the changing table).

3. The nose sucker when I'm sick. (I actually like it and think it tickles otherwise).

4. Having to sit still for my pre-bed book. (I would rather eat it and crawl away with it).

5. My car seat. (How would like having your whole body strapped down to something with the backseat of the car as your only view?)

6. Having to finish a bottle if I'm eating when my mama gets home from work. (Who wants to eat when you can play with someone you haven't seen in hours?)

7. Being quiet in church. (I haven't succeeded at this one yet. There's just too much to talk about in church, and everyone has paper).

That's it. I'm a pretty happy baby, so my list of un-favorites is shorter. I wanted to put a lot more on my list of favorites, but my mama made me pick just 10.


P.S. Mornings are another one of my favorites, but my Daddy wouldn't let me put in on the list. He's working on me to move that one to my least favorite list.


Blogger abby said...

I'm still trying to figure out whether the paper/electrical cord thing (playing with, and especially eating) is a micropreemie issue or whether this is something that 'typical' kids do. Anyway, Hallie would prefer the above and any kind of carpet lint/hair from hairbrush/fuzz to food any day of the week.

Good luck breaking Truman of these habits, and if you figure out how, please let us know!

1:55 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

For your stairs, I'd recommend the Baby Fence.. you can get it at Toys R Us... and it will be useful in coming years with Christmas trees too!

3:47 AM  

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