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This page is all about Truman, born Aug. 8, 2006 to Kara and Ben.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Big Milestone Progress


What a difference a year makes! In the last week, Truman has made huge strides developmentally. He has:

  • Learned to sit. As of this weekend, he can sit for short periods all alone. He also seems to be getting the knack of adjusting his balance and shifting to avoid falling.
  • Made big strides toward crawling. He is getting on all fours, rocking on all fours, and even falling forward. He has picked up an arm a few times, but hasn't figured out how to move it forward yet. He is pivoting in circles, scooting, and rolling to get to the places he wants to go.
  • Learned to kick and splash in swim lessons. As of this past Saturday, he finally figured out that he should kick when he's under water and began splashing his arms as well. He also has progressed up to four seconds of holding his breath underwater.
  • Taken a record bottle of 8 ounces. In other eating news, Truman has now tried: rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, green peas, pears, avocado, and yogurt. Once we get through carrots and squash, we'll start on the stage II foods and try some of the mixed flavors.

In other just general fun, he has really started to notice the cats and tries to play with one of them. Fortunately, she is a very patient cat and lets him get a few tugs in before she runs away. And, this morning, Truman demonstrated the need to babyproof when in a matter of seconds, he pulled a vent off the wall and stuck his head inside.

An unfortunate developmental skill -- "That's mine." Here, Truman demonstrates his inability to share with his friend, 7-month-old Ethan.

Here, Truman shows off his underwater swimming skills.

Look ma, no hands! Truman sits for his grandparents.

Truman shows off his teeth in this photo.

In other developmental news, his OT last week commented that he needs to improve on visual tracking (apparently his is jerky rather than smooth) and needs a speech evaluation due to his excessive drooling. She thinks it may be a sign of some sort of oral manipulation deficiency. She says he also needs to work on his fine motor skills, specifically his pincer grasp with his thumb and forefinger. We'll discuss these things at his one-year evaluation next week.



Blogger Family of 4 said...


I've left comments here before. My son was premature (612 grams) and I also have a daughter who was due Dec 19 (born Nov 29). I can say that Truman is TOTALLY catching up to his peers! He is doing great!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

Holy Cow! I just loved reading you journal update with all of the great things happening. You are one amazing little boy. Keep up the fight and the good work.

Praying for you today and always. Sending you Angel Hugs, Praises and Prayers.

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Anonymous christy said...

I just love checking in on the Truman updates. Its amazing that almost a whole year has gone by! He's made such awesome progress too. THe photos are great, and he's really catching up with everything now!!!! Way to go Truman!

9:39 AM  

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