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Friday, June 08, 2007

Eek! Mobility Begins!



In the last few days, Truman has figured out how to move. Eek! Time to think about babyproofing. On May 31, he started rolling both directions. He had been rolling from tummy to back since about 2 weeks adjusted -- way in advance -- but had not yet rolled from back to tummy -- behind the curve. Now, he can go both ways and thus move a few feet across the room. We're not sure if he's aware that he can really get around that way.

However, he definitely has figured out another way to be mobile in the last week or so, and this is one that his occupational therapist says we must break him of. He has figured out how to arch is back and use his feet to push himself backwards on his head. So, he leans his head back and looks behind him and just starts scooting. Imagine a mobile backbend or the little girl going backwards down the stairs in the remastered Exorcist. It's quite odd. Although I'm impressed at his ingenuity, arching the back is a problem developmentally because it causes muscles to develop strengths in a way that will inhibit crawling. That, and he tends to get himself stuck in corners and will make himself bald soon. And, like most of us, if he can figure out how to move in some other way, why learn to do the hard way of crawling. We did sort of laugh when the therapist said we needed to stop him when he starts doing it. "How," we asked? "Haven't you met our headstrong--and preternaturally strong--child?"

In addition to rolling both directions, Truman has also started playing with his feet in recent days and even tried to get one in his mouth during occupational therapy yesterday. We thought he would never do that. If we can encourage that, hopefully, that will help build some the muscles he needs for crawling and counteract all the back arching. He still doesn't sit or really show any interest in it. He is, however, getting a little more willing to be held in a sitting position or spend time in the bumbo seat. That's our currently OT goal -- sitting.

Also, Truman has had a chuckle up to this point, rather than a full-blown laugh. In recent days, however, he's starting to show signs of a more true laugh. We are so excited!

Truman did pick up the pace some on growth over the past three weeks, but he's not back to his usual pace. The pediatrician suggested that if he continues to slow, he will advise that I stop nursing and exclusively pump so that we can add fortifier to more feedings. I might be willing to drop some of the evening pumps, but I am not willing to stop breastfeeding overnight and first thing in the morning. I think there are far too many psychological and bonding benefits that I am not willing to give up.

Truman's pedi and his nutritionist did convince us that it's time to at least recreationally start solids. I've been resistant because breast milk has more calories than any solids, and I don't want to cause a slowdown on his growth. However, we agreed to try 1 TBSP of rice cereal a day mixed with 30-cal formula/breastmilk. We're going to start on Saturday so that I will have plenty of time to be around and take pictures since his best time of day is in the morning. He also has his first water baby swim lesson on Saturday and is going to a picnic with several babies under 1 on Sunday. Quite a Tru-riffic weekend.

Truman had his first out-of-town trip last week. He didn't seem to mind the hotel or the pack-and-play, but the car trip was another story. Needless to say, we have some better trip planning to figure out before his trip to West Texas next month. He was so upset at one point in the car because he was hungry and tired (but refused to do either if we stopped) that the only thing we could do was sing "Row, Row Your Boat" over and over and over. For some reason, it works.



Blogger Emily said...

We had trouble getting my 29wkr to grow and since he refused bottles and solids it made getting extra calories into him very difficult. I used an SNS (supplimental nursing system) by Medela whenever I pumped. I started using it when he was 9-10mos old and his growth rapidly increased.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on mobility! I have been visiting your blog (member of IV on another EC)and am always so excited to see a great report on Truman. Just want to say congratulations to all of you and best of luck :)

Oh - and for whatever reason, that was the only song that worked for my little one as well.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Truman is so amazing! I'm so happy that he is doing so well! Our little one, Alena, is almost a year old and walking - so I hear you on the baby proofing! It's so cute that he is scooting in that way, but I hope you can get him to stop so he doesn't go bald (although, Alena is STILL almost bald!)

I'm glad that you are being strong about keeping breastfeeding. I truly believe that the benefits of BFing goes far beyond the actual milk. Good for you. I hope that his growing picks up! I always worry about Alena - she's pretty tiny (only 17lbs 11oz), but then again, so am I. I've found that her growth really does go in spurts - tends to not gain one week, and then a lot the next.

I'm so sad that we will not be in West Texas when you are here! We are teaching at a summer festival in VT. I was so hoping to meet Truman!

Talk to you later!

The Ezermans

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI there,

I don't often post here but just wanted to tell you you are doing the right thing in regards to his feedings. I quit bfing altogether at 5 months old (2 adjusted) and my now 3-year-old is still 24 lbs. So, it wouldn't have hurt him one bit to keep going, rather, it would've helped.

He was 1# 5oz at birth. If you ever need to bounce things off anyone, please email me!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So nice to hear all the wonderful updates about Truman. I just want to say good for you for sticking to your Mommy instincts when it comes to your baby, and especially to breastfeeding. Sometimes no matter how "professional" the professional they really don't give the advice best for YOUR baby!! I would definitely not agree to stopping breast feeding, I agree 100% that the benefits are too great. Your doing such a wonderful job raising your little boy, and there are going to be many many times along the way where you will need to let your "know" come before the doctors know!! I have had my fair share for sure. My doc's actually recently told me to supplement my 4 month old because he's only in the 5th %, but you know what? He is healthy, happy, looks great, has no other signs of being under nourished...so what if "other" babies weigh more!! (plus my 3 year old was exlusivly breast fed no problem from these same boobs) So I am still happliy exclusivly breast feeding my healthy, happy, bouncy baby boy. Anyway my comment is turning out to be an essay, lol, so Thanks for the update, and keep the updates and pictures coming!

Shawnee (babycenter)

1:08 AM  
Blogger Tiff said...

Hi there! I've been reading your site since Truman was first born. My daughter was born 2 months early. No reason at all... she was just ready to see the world! ;) I remember when she was little and we would travel and she would cry! I think she just wanted to be held. It gets easier! I'm so glad that Truman is doing well!

Hugs to you - Tiffany

1:28 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Great update, so good to see all the progress, gives me hope. My little girl had open heart surgery #2 today and I came here looking for sme encouragement. Boy did I get it !

You are both amazing parents and Truman is clearly an amazingly strong little guy.

Ramona's mom

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's moving...look out!!!
He is doing so great, we are proud of you all.

Angel Kate's Grammy

10:33 AM  
Blogger Elaine/Angel_Wings said...

Praying for you!

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Charlisa said...

So great to hear Truman is doing so well. You guys are amazing! Keep up the good parenting! I remember my first trip (alone) back to Palestine from Sulphur Springs with 5 week old Emily--she screamed most of the way! "Amazing Grace" seemed to work for her! :) You might give that a try when you simply can't sing one more round of "Row-Row-Row Your Boat!" :)

Still in my prayers!

10:38 AM  

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