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This page is all about Truman, born Aug. 8, 2006 to Kara and Ben.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weight Loss


Truman lost about two ounces yesterday, which was a pretty sad blow to Mom and Dad considering how close we are to the "magic" 2000 grams needed to begin evaulating him for his bowel re-section. When you consider the gains and losses over the last few days, Truman has effectively not gained weight since last Thursday. To be this close to the big number and be losing or not gaining weight is very hard for us.

In some good news, Truman appears to be catching on to bottle feeding. He took an entire bottle yesterday from Nurse Lisa and took most of a bottle from Dad last night. This morning after breastfeeding like a champ, Mom topped him off with a half bottle (a little more than half an ounce) that he gulped down in about five minutes. He also took a full bottle from the occupational therapist this afternoon.

He has been increased to four "nipplings" a day -- either breast or bottle. He is still not very good at pacing himself with bottle feeding and therefore sometimes lets a whole mouthful run down his chin rather than swallowing it, but at least he has learned not to Brady during feeding. If he has trouble, he just lets the milk flow out while bottle feeding or pushes away during breastfeeding. I guess that's progress. However, the work involved in bottle and breastfeeding may be contributing to the weight loss.

As always, Truman is very cute and gets more alert and responsive every day. In particular, he seems to respond to our voices when we walk in the room. Truman also seems to be a pretty easy baby. Although he has a fierce temper when he is hungry or being messed with (like diaper changes, temperature checks, etc.), he loves being held and doesn't seem to cry just to cry. However, he does fuss when he is put back into his bed after holding until he is tightly swaddled and has a few minutes to calm down. (The pacifier works wonders for this). Nurse Stephanie commented today that although he gets so mad about being hungry, he is very awake and alert and very contentedly alert afterwards.



Blogger Maggie (Sarah's mom) said...

Sending weight gain vibes Truman's way!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go that Truman is doing so well with feedings. We continue to be amazed at his progress. Interesting that he has figured out how to manage the milk flow (or overflow as the case may be). My full-termers used to do the same thing to control oversupply when nursing. Children are so resourceful!

Christa and Brad (from PHPC)

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Charlisa said...

So proud of your little hungry man. God is truly amazing...how He is caring for the 3 of you.
Emily & I pray for you every morning on the way to school.

5:40 PM  

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